Viable Mira Locations – Map Border

Viable Mira Locations:: Map Border

1F Customs Inspections / 1F Supply Room

Located in security room watches over main hallway and offices if you open the walls. Make sure to shoot open the hatch next to you in case you need to drop or rotate back to site. It’s important to hold security room otherwise attackers will have top floor control which will usually lead to them winning. Located in supply corridor, gives you some options to prevent people rushing the A window to plant.

1F Ventilation Room / 1F Workshop

Located in server room watches over ventilation room and people coming from the exit hallway. Quite standard and great for preventing plants. Reusing an old mira but a good way to hold the top floor as majority of it is soft and attackers will seek to take it and then open the hatches. Might be able to get a free kill through the hatch if attackers don’t drone you out.

1F Bathroom / 1F Tellers

Located in the workshop, will let you watch over the tellers main wall and the window that lots of people push/camp on. Make sure to either shotgun out the top of the mira or place a rotation hole in the bathroom in case you need to move out. Notice that yellow ping? reinforce that along with the other 2 walls to prevent people wall banging you, you will also need something behind in the server area to prevent people sneaking up on you. Located in the fountain once again, you could either place it on a soft or reinforced wall. Lets you watch over offices and the vital hatch that many attackers will seek to take before pushing onto site.

2F Armory Lockers/2F Archives

This section will be quite long as there are heaps of windows and different variants you can use for defending armory/lockers. Located in armory desk, this is an old school mira that is still very powerful. It will make any attacker pushing in from the balcony think twice before approaching, considering how high mira’s vector fire rate is this is a great spot for her to play and spray down anyone pushing in. Also a decent information mira, it is however quite weak from below as you can buck/ash charge/zofia the soft floor out and either kill anyone playing here or pop the mira. In this example I have reinforced below for added protection. Located in archives watches over the fountain area and people pushing from offices. In this example I have shotgunned open some walls to give you alot of line of sight, great spot for doc/rook to play with an acog. Keep in mind buck/finka/sledge can lob frag grenades over the top of the office/archive wall. Fairly standard mira spot Another example of line of sights you can get. Located in security room watches over main hallway and people pushing up from offices and east stairs. Remember the west balcony behind you as well as anyone who pushes into security room but I’m sure you’ll be able to hear them anyone. Great way to hold security room and if combined with the previous archive mira you can create some great crossfire as demonstrated below. This is how it can look. Another angle Located in armory lockers an aggressive way to hold down the site which allows you to run out onto west balcony. Shotgun out the security wall so you can get angles on people in security room. A few other angles
This is another way of doing the armory desk mira, you’d be surprised how many attackers will waltz right in and BAM you pop them in the head. It’s one of those rare angles in siege where you will see them before they can see you place the mira at crouch height so you can still keep an eye on people pushing in. Located in fountain a standard mira to watch over offices. Quite often people will also reinforce the wall to the right. If you do use this one make sure to reinforce behind you. You are quite safe in this spot as the floor beneath you is indestructible.
Guide written by Ocelot

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